Departamento de ventas -Biz the World-


We enhance your success

Biz The World offers you specialized services for your business development.

Sales Consultanting

We plan and design the business ecosystem and sales strategy. We identify your key partners and create the business framework to meet commercial and financial expectations.

Sales Outsourcing

Commercial leadership, identifying the appropriate sales resources talent, and building the development plans are the key to accomplish your goals.

E-commerce Consultancy

We define the omnichannel strategy by introducing e-commerce in organizations that use only traditional channels, with a binding strategy that ensures smooths scalability and growth.”

Market Analysis

Analysis and planning specialized in launching and deploying operations in new markets, new products go-to-market strategy or sales team deployment. We analyze the different market stakeholders, competitors, entry barriers, sales channels, pricing strategy, legislation, no written rules, etc, at a global level.

Internal Analysis

We help you to anticipate and be ready to address deep process changes, such as moving from project orientation to product strategy, going international, creating a certified distribution channel, etc. We analyze all internal factors, talent, supply processes, scalability, customer support, etc…

Channel Management

In sales models through a distribution channel, it is common to feel that the channel is in a privileged situation over the manufacturer. We help you exploit your strengths and balance channel relationships to achieve your goals.

The 3 stages of Biz The World process

Analysis and Strategic and Operational Planning
Biz The World prepares your structure and processes so that you can achieve your strategic goals. This initial consulting process is the basis for successfully meet your expectations and will allows us to plan the necessary actions to achieve objectives by maximizing current efficiencies. We work closely with your team to guarantee your success.
Implementation and launch of the Strategic Plan
After paving the path, you must walk it. Biz the World's involvement in the project after the design phase is one of our key differentiators. We implement the strategy in the sales force and their processes, channel creation, product launches and customer maintenance.

Development and exhaustive monitoring of the operation
Our commitment does not end with implementation, because true results are achieved when our clients meet their goals. We bring your project to a successful conclusion, leading the local structures to excellent sales performance and customer maintenance, delivering services in an efficient way, and ensuring a good brand image. Biz The World walks by your side until your organization achieves its objectives.