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Design and implementation of business strategies to achieve your objectives”

We are your strategic partner to reach your goals


The mission of Biz The World is to transform Technologic SMEs sales departments to boost sales growth and expansion
sales departments to boost sales growth and expansion
Integral Model

Overall business strategy design and implementation for domestic & international expansion.

Sales channel models

Comprehensive and complete omnichannel strategy across direct sales, distribution and e-commerce.

Sales Cycle Efficiency

Design and improvement of the sales process targeting sales figures, shortening the closing cycles and increasing resource efficiency.


We guide the sales departments towards the short and long-term business objectives in full alignment with company strategy.

Sales Consulting

We plan and design the business ecosystem and sales strategy. We identify your key partners
and create the business framework to meet
commercial and financial expectations.

Sales Outsourcing

Commercial leadership, identifying the appropriate sales resources talent, and building the development plans
are the key to accomplish your goals.

E-commerce Consultancy

We define the omnichannel strategy by introducing e-commerce in organizations
that use only traditional channels, with a binding strategy that ensures
smooths scalability and growth.

Sales Consulting

Analysis and planning specialized in launching deploying operatingand new markets, new products or equipment. We analyze the different market players, competitors, entry barriers, sales channels, pricing strategy, regulations, etc. All this at a global level.

Internal Analysis

We help you to anticipate and be ready to address deep changes,
like moving from project to product philosophy, internationalization, create a channel
strategy or policy, etc… we analyze the internal factors, the talent, the provisioning
and supply processes, scalability, customer support, etc…

Channel Management

In sales models through a distribution channel, it is common to feel that the
is in a privileged situation over the manufacturer. We help you exploit your
strengths and balance the relationships to achieve your goals.

Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers

  • We focus every effort on customer satisfaction.
  • Our priority is to exceed expectations and build long-lasting relationships.


  • We operate with professionalism and transparency in all areas.
  • We seek continuous improvement to ensure maximum effectiveness.


  • Full commitment to the goals of each client.
  • Each project is a testimony of our way of work and professionalism.

Why perform your expansion with Biz The World?"


We are a highly professional and experienced dedicated team with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Results Orientation

We measure our success in results. Sales high performers make the high performers companies.

Extended network

Important domestic and international connections at all levels: end users, channel and integrators as well as local industry associations.

Commitment and exclusivity

We walk together at every step of your expansion journey. Your brand is engraved in our DNA.

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Discover how we can drive together to the success of your company. In Biz The World, we value every opportunity to collaborate. If you have any questions, ideas or just want to talk about your next project, we're here to help!
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